but what does your heart say?

Sometimes the answer you’ve been struggling to find hits you right on top of your head when you least expect it. And instead of it being some long, drawn out explanation, it’s so simple that you probably overlooked it, several times.


This week, I was basically toppled over with multiple answers and felt called to share these revelations and spread some light during these times of darkness.


If you’re anything like me, you’re out here trying to find your spot in this world. Amidst all the chaos and cruelty, sometimes it feels like an overly cumbersome task. With internal blockages and external influences being overwhelmingly present, it’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind and lose your focus. Your mind sees and says one thing while your heart is dead set on another.


I’m just here to say, follow your heart* and align your mind with it later. To explain further, completely devote yourself to YOU first: to what nourishes you, to what inspires you, to what keeps you going even when you want to give up. When you live from the heart, you’ll gain a greater understanding of who you truly are instead of who you’ve been forced to believe you are. You’ll know what you want and need, you’ll know what your strengths and weaknesses are and your overall connection to Self will be stronger than ever. When you are solid within yourself, it will be reflected in your outer world. As within, so without.


Often times, things that happen to us or within us have no logical explanation. That’s just the fact of life. Your mind is designed to help you survive. Therefore, it is always analyzing and configuring explanations. Even further, your mind holds on to fears and negativity as a defense mechanism to help you avoid getting hurt. Makes sense, right? This defense mechanism worked wonders for our ancestors when times weren’t so easy to survive. But, now times have changed and despite what mainstream media loves to portray, it is the safest time in history to be a human. So many threats we think are there are actually not there at all. With that being said, it’s counterintuitive to trust your mind over your heart. I’m not saying disregard logic at all, I’m saying use it in alignment with what’s in your heart. Your mind will help you in figuring out what can stay and what has to go: whether that be a job, relationship, friendship, house, car, thought process, habit, etc.


Now, don’t think it’ll be all rainbows and glitter following your heart. Remember those internal blockages and external influences? They don’t just fall away. If anything, they intensify. Not to make things harder for you and your journey, but to build the strength required to be your authentic self during a time when it’s easier to follow the crowd and give away everything that makes you, you.


If you’re stumbling to find your way, you’re not alone. I’m still stumbling myself, but here I am, still pushing myself through because I know it’ll all be worth it. I don’t know much, but I know someone out there could use this today. So, here’s my push to you, to keep going, to keep glowing and to keep growing. You got this.












*Follow your heart is such a cliché statement, I know. But have you ever really sat down and thought about what ‘follow your heart’ or any other cliché actually means to you? In my opinion, clichés are meant to be general and surface level. The rest is up to you to add meaning and life to an otherwise very blanket statement.


you don’t have to like me, you have to like you

I just recently got over my issue with attaching myself to people who are genuinely nice to me. I’m still trying to figure out at what point(s) in my life I felt as though people weren’t nice to me. So much so that I put myself in odd, low-vibrational situations off the basis that the person and all they brought into my life were worth it all because they were ‘nice’. Maybe I never extended the niceness I gave to and craved so much from people, to myself.

Now, I know this should be a STANDARD for anyone I allow to even be in my space and experience my aura. I’m a lot nicer to myself so I know it is literally the bare minimum to expect out of others, on any level.

Lessons learned.

Now I smile.

on this day of love… reflection

on this day of love, I decided that instead of moping around because I am without a lover, I was indulging in acts of love and self-love.

when you do things out of love, the outcome is never the worry. you just do, effortlessly. 

when you do things out of love, for yourself, you effortlessly remind yourself what it really means to be yourself. when you love yourself, without conditions, living authentically comes more naturally. it becomes who you are. love. 

self-love, to me, is incorporating all things that genuinely make you light and happy into your daily life, routines and interactions. this will look different to all people because we are all unique when it comes to our own love. but it will feel the same regardless. love is too strong to be hidden and it should not be.

when I think back on the times I have felt lonely or unloved, I realize now that I was not living my life with love. expecting it to just show up and out for me, when it IS me. it could have very well been right under my nose, the type of love we all crave and romanticize, but how could I know love if I was not actively participating? 

love is everywhere and in everything.

everyone and everything has their own language of love. we can miss out on so much limiting our minds to what we have been conditioned to believe is love. love has infinite expressions. 

once I started being more open to the many different expressions, love never left me. my lows are no longer so low. my highs match levels of ecstasy. and in between, I still focus on the love. 

what you put out, you get back. why not make it love?

just a few thoughts on the close of this day of love. 

love and light