life lessons

I have gathered a compilation of my own life lessons that I have learned throughout my twenty-one years of life. I believe sharing is caring and I know there are folk out there who like to know they are not alone when it comes to tackling life. We are all only human and perfection is only an illusion.

My reflections, however, are very real.

I know I have to share these because they express the light within the darkness that is struggle. It highlights the side of me very few get to see, let alone get details.

It’s easy to share your triumphs and it’s great to. Growth is one of mine in my eyes. Altering yourself in ways to live the life you want is liberating. Vulnerability is a skill/strength worth developing. My vulnerability is an act of self-love. Embracing and loving all parts of myself– the light and dark, continuously open my eyes. I’ve come to learn that there is no use of only praising and nurturing one aspect of yourself.

I’d like to note that I don’t spend too much time going into detail about specific situations. I didn’t want this to be a huge sob story. (I honestly didn’t know this is what I wanted it to be, but I caught the idea and ran with it.)

If you read this, just know I appreciate it more than I could ever express.


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