an open letter to creatives

in my opinion, artists of any kind, are held to a superhero type of level. people expect you to create constantly. people expect you to be in the mood constantly. people expect you to do something great or revolutionary with every piece. artists, on the other hand, know a completely different reality. days, nights, weeks, months, hell, maybe even years that lack inspiration. and in those moments of inspiration, artists create whatever they are feeling since that is what art is anyway. with that being said, this may cause what people refer to as pieces that look or sound the same. what these people do not realize is that artists have phases and the phases are very evident. Pablo Picasso comes to mind when I think of artistic phases. he had a rose period and a blue period. these were peak moments in his personal and evidently, artistic life. love and depression. passion and the absence of it. I guess all I’m trying to say is, artists, I understand, take as much time as you need to create whatever it is you wish to create. you may have fans and supporters, but you do not do it solely for them. your art and artistic expression are for you. you are the one with the heart, eyes, mind and soul that are going to see your art to the end. everyone else will only see the finished product.

keep making this world beautiful. keep creating and sharing your perspective of this world. most importantly, keep being you.



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