people are just people: a lesson in compassion

these past few years have been scattered with a host of celebrity scandals, hook ups, break ups, break downs, and everything in between. the events themselves were not shocking or alarming. what was completely shocking and alarming is the way the public responded to such events. the issue is ongoing (they literally have celebrities read some of the mean shit people say about them online, it’s pretty sad). people taking time out of their day to spread hate across all social media platforms. people taking time out of their life to create petitions to basically ruin someone’s name, reputation, and life overall. for what? being in the spotlight and still succumbing to their human ways. in short, people are bullies. this is no new phenomenon, but social media has had cataclysmic affects in the amount of hate being spread, not only towards those considered celebrities.

most recent example of our society’s lack of compassion would be kanye west. after venting at a concert in Sacramento, twitter couldn’t wait to ‘cancel’ kanye. even came up with the hashtag #kanyeisoverparty. people ran with this and had a ball… literally bashing kanye for having what seems to be a sort of mental breakdown. the man’s wife almost got murked abroad, he has two young kids, and it is the anniversary of his mother’s passing… but despite his own life battles, he chose to continue on for his fans. with all the bullshit occurring and holiday season approaching, not only in America, but in the day to day life of every individual on this planet, you’d think people would be polishing up on their compassion skills, but that’s a different conversation. regardless of how you were raised or how high or low your confidence is, all people deserve to be treated kindly.firstly, i don’t understand why celebrities or people with a status or money are so highly regarded as if the same gun that will kill me or any other human, won’t affect them. we are all people. we all have our flaws. we all go through shit. quit putting people on pedestals. quit expecting things out of people. quit critiquing the way others choose to indulge in their human experience.

the main arguments that support bashing celebrities seem to be ‘but we support them’, ‘they have to be role models for the kids’, ‘they should use their platform for something better.’ i’m sorry to break it to some, but celebrities are people. nothing more, nothing less. don’t volunteer them for positions they did not sign up for. celebrities are only popular because of the support of masses of people. each and every person has the option of whether they wish to support someone. however, that does not give anyone  a justified reason to talk ill of someone that a) they do not know and probably will never meet b) who is equally human as we all are. people need to take a step back and control their voyeuristic and judgmental tendencies.

don’t be so quick to judge someone without attempting to place yourself in their shoes.

so… with all that being said, i’ll leave you with some tips on how to be more compassionate.

  1. LISTEN – actually listen. don’t listen long enough just to respond. hear people out. don’t focus so much on what is being said, focus on the emotion behind the words.
  2. EMPATHIZE – we all go through trials and tribulations and we all handle the same situations differently. take a step outside your ego and feel for someone.
  3. A PERSON IS THE SUM OF ALL THEIR ‘GOOD’ AND ‘BAD’ PARTS – when someone is going thru something and acting out of their normal character, don’t diminish their good qualities.

i hope i’ve left you with something(s) to think about.



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