trump is the president: what’s going to happen & what do we do?~

trumpwillwin-notextfirstly, i want to say…

c a l m y o u r t i t t i e s

amerikkka has BEEN plagued by generation after generation of corrupt officiation, so please quit acting like this is some true apocalypse.

plus, stress gives you gas and wrinkles. nobody wants that.

but on a serious note, what’s going to happen? obviously, i have no clue. but what i do know, which my great amerikkkan public education taught me, is that trump is not officially the president until 1/20/17.

with that being said, Obama still has all his presidential abilities and duties. so if anything were to happen between now and then, Obama could and would step in. now if nothing colossal happens? trump swears in and we’re all in for an interesting four years. and by interesting, i mean we’ll all be adults for the first time, dealing with corruption head on.

so that leaves us with two options in my eyes: we can continue like our parents’ generation and let the corruption stay insidious and poison all facets of our society home and abroad. or, we can start something new.

THE GAG IS: the fear tactics, the forced ignorance, the bigotry, the blatant cruelty aren’t enough to hold US back. we are fearless. we are innovative. we don’t take no for an answer. we get what we want, when we want, however we want. us milennials are so much stronger and brighter and devoted than earlier generations and the media tries to paint us. we can’t focus our passion on trying to revert the older generations. they can only operate from their level of perception. we have to use our passion towards building the society we want and the society we deserve.

i refuse to keep feeling angry and defeated when i know how far we truly can progress. we have the power. we are the power.

i would like to point out my emphasis on we. first, i’d like to directly address whoever doesn’t feel as though they are a part of we. you are a f r a i d. if you feel as though the government or any type of institution can on any level goes against its citizens, you are sadly mistaken. black or white, rich or poor, i feel it’s safe to assume most people will agree they don’t like some part of the government. so why keep letting shit slide? if you haven’t heard it already or you just don’t believe it, i’ll be the first to let you know, there’s no need to be afraid. not only is that what the government wants, it’s an irrational fear. what’s to be afraid of? losing ‘stability’? losing the safe illusion we’ve been taught from birth? the real question is, are those worth you and your fellow humans’ basic rights? only you know the honest answer to that.

now, to those who aren’t afraid and are ready for true change, don’t feed into any negativity. your energy and passion are too precious and vital to waste on anything that isn’t going to stimulate more positivity and productivity. be the light. work on being your most authentic you. the only way to successfully utilize all the vital energy and passion is to rid it of all half assery, bullshit, and facades. only your realest you can do what it really takes for real change to take place. the steps will only get clearer from there.

you all that might read this may think i sound naive, overly optimistic, whatever you want to call it. but if this resonates the way it needs to, you’ll feel that spark. whether you acknowledge and follow that spark is up to you. i’m just the messenger.

sometimes, the focus isn’t just the words, but the way the words make you feel.




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